Branding a Nonprofit Program: Meals on Wheels

Catholic Charities sponsors 170 programs and services throughout Brooklyn and Queens. The Meals on Wheels program showcases some of the good work the nonprofit is doing. The organization sees its mission as “sharing in the promotion of unity among all persons by seeking to develop caring communities”.  Supporters, funders and the general public want to keep abreast of its work. It’s equally important for Catholic Charities to put a face on that work.


Catholic Charities hired Design for Social GOOD to document Meals on Wheels to use in marketing materials. Our purpose was twofold. We needed to capture images of Meals on Wheels clients, who usually are inside their homes. And we needed images that included the Catholic Charities’ logo. With creativity, we were able to accomplish both goals. Professional photography helps Catholic Charities highlight its programs in a compelling and personal way.

Meals on Wheels

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