Design for Social GOOD Photojournalist Najlah Feanny photographs the HeartShare Human Services of New York 2013 Annual Report.

Five-year-old Rex is a superhero. Rex can run faster than many children his age. Rex couldn’t always run so fast. In fact, when he first enrolled at HeartShare’s First Step Preschool in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, Rex could not walk.

View the entire annual report and see all the photographs here.



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Led by former Newsweek Magazine contract photographer Najlah Feanny, Photo for Social GOOD brings together some of the world’s most renowned photojournalist, available for assignment work with your non-profit anywhere in the world. Our photographers and videographers have decades of experience shooting for major newspapers and magazines and are now turning their lenses on the nonprofit world to document social GOOD.

“We’ve spent a lifetime documenting history. Now it’s our turn to change it. Najlah Feanny said. Our images inspire the world to take action,”

Dozens of Pulitzer Prize and World Press winning photographers and videographers are committed to shining a light on issues affecting our most vulunerable people. By doing so, they also shine a light on nonprofits, NGO’s and government organizations who are committed to helping raising awareness that leads to action.

Based in New York, Photo for Social GOOD has photographers in Africa, Asia, Europe and America, many who are already documenting humanitarian disasters and conflicts. They are available to work with your nonprofit to document your work.

Photo for Social GOOD boats Emmy-winning videographers available to shoot and produce videos as well as video editors and producers able to take your footage, images and audio and produce stunning videos to tell your story. We can also provide stock photography and produce commissioned assignments.

In need of writers or reporters to help tell your story? We have a network of experienced writers and journalists who are available to work on site or remotely to help you put together a comprehensive package.

Video is a compelling way to share stories with your donors, supporters and volunteers, but it’s often expensive to get started and difficult to grasp. Design for Social GOOD has put together a relatively inexpensive video kit that we think will help you to produce high quality video and audio without breaking the bank. It’s a kit that is easy to transport, easy to use and perfect for blogging and posting on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter. To learn more,

Pediatric Doctor Seeing Patient

Mommy and Me offers parenting support through forums and articles, child activities, as well as a search function to locate playgroups in your area. The Queens North Community Center, funded by Catholic Charities, offers a safe, fun and educational environment for both moms and kids. Children and parents work on arts and craft projects as both a learning tool and bonding experience.

Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens, CCBQ, funds hundreds of programs that aid and support children, families, adults and senior citizens.

For the second year in a row, CCBQ turned to Design for Social GOOD to photograph their programs and provide images for their annual report.

Pediatric Doctor Seeing Patient


Catholic Charities sponsors 170 programs and services throughout Brooklyn and Queens. The Meals on Wheels program showcases some of the good work the nonprofit is doing. The organization sees its mission as “sharing in the promotion of unity among all persons by seeking to develop caring communities”.  Supporters, funders and the general public want to keep abreast of its work. It’s equally important for Catholic Charities to put a face on that work.


Catholic Charities hired Design for Social GOOD to document Meals on Wheels to use in marketing materials. Our purpose was twofold. We needed to capture images of Meals on Wheels clients, who usually are inside their homes. And we needed images that included the Catholic Charities’ logo. With creativity, we were able to accomplish both goals. Professional photography helps Catholic Charities highlight its programs in a compelling and personal way.

Meals on Wheels

Bustamante Hospital for Children in Kingston, Jamaica, serves more than 70,000 sick children each year. As the only specialist children’s hospital in the English-speaking Caribbean, itsneeds are great and their resources are limited. New equipment, upgraded facilities and additional wings to the hospital are desperately needed to help save the lives of little angels.


Jamaican nonprofit Operation Angels Rise (OAR) answered the call to make a difference and isholding a series of fundraisers for the Shaggy Make A Difference Foundation which is working to fill some of these needs. OAR needed to put a face on the cause and turned to Design for Social GOOD and our team of renowned photographers to do just that.

Photographer Jeffery Salter flew to Jamaica, spending two days documenting hospital staff and patients and came back with hundreds of poignant images. Connecting a nonprofit with supporters, donors and advocates is essential to its succes,s and OAR chose one of the best to highlight its cause.

Bustamante Hospital for Children


Bustamante Hospital for Children

Jeffery’s work has appeared in many editorial magazines, such as Men’s Journal, Rolling Stone, Reader’s Digest and Fortune. His fine art photography has been exhibited at the Brooklyn Museum of Art, the Smithsonian, and the Corcoran Museum. A World Press award winner, he has also received honors from Pictures of the Year and the Communication Art Annual. Jeffery is a former Sports Illustrated staff photographer.

Design for Social GOOD has a worldwide network of photographers, writers, videographers and multimedia artists ready to put a face on your cause.

Portrait of David Rowe

The Community Health Center of Richmond continues to embrace their new branding campaign, this time adding a photo shoot to build their library of images.

Stock images rarely embody the true essence of a nonprofit and CHCR knew they wanted to use images in a variety of print web project. By commissioning Design for Social GOOD to photograph their clinic, they own the rights to use hundreds of images for a varitey of needs.
Community Health Center of Richmond

Back to School Physical

We were carefull to photograph their staff doing a wide variety of activities with patients of various age groups to give an overall feel to the clinic’s work. Whether they’re providing much needed medical care to the poor, reassuring new parents, offering educational information or interacting with staff, CHCR wanted to put a face on their organization. Now they have a cache of images to choose from when designing their new website and print materials.

Photographs: ©2010 Najlah Feanny Hicks/Design for Social GOOD


Broadway star Stephanie Block performed a memorable rendition of “Defying Gravity” from “Wicked” at the Covenant House International Night of Broadway Stars Gala Concert. With her was Connie, a homeless teenager who defied a lifetime of abuse. Watch her inspiring, emotional performance.

The Night of Broadway Stars gala featured a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for homeless youth at Covenant House to perform for former First Lady Laura Bush and with some of Broadway’s greatest stars.

The Night of Broadway Stars was hosted by renowned composer and lyricist Neil Berg, whose credits include The Prince and The Pauper, Grumpy Old Men and 100 Years of Broadway, now the number one Broadway touring concert in the United States.

Capathia Jenkins Performs at Covenant House Fundraiser

Joining Berg were six young people currently living at Covenant House, 40 members of the world-renowned Newark School of Performing Arts, and Broadway stars Rita HarveyCapathia JenkinsDarius deHaasCraig SchumanStephanie BlockSophia Ramos, and Bev and Kirby Ward.

Night of Broadway Stars

View the video of these homeless youth joined by the Newark School of Performing Arts choir as they perform at Lincoln Center.

The event raised more than $1 million dollars for Covenant House International and Design for Social GOOD was proud to be hired to document the night.


When the leadership of the Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless decided to build a new non-profit website, they knew photography would be a powerful way for them to show the important work they’re doing. They hired Design for Social GOOD and our team of renowned photojournalists to spend two days with the clients they serve to put a face on their organization. Photographers Carmine Galasso and Danielle Richards shot portraits, classroom and counseling sessions and casual images, offering a variety of photographs to use on their new website build. Great photography, a new logo and website equals a fresh face for this nonprofit. ©2010 Photographs by Carmine Galasso/Design for Social GOOD.

ACE has served over 1300 recovering homeless men and women through job training.

ACE has served over 1300 recovering homeless men and women through job training.

ACE has served over 1300 recovering homeless men and women through job training.

ACE has served over 1300 recovering homeless men and women through job training.

Putting the right face on any non-profit is crucial to successfully telling a powerful story. The story of your non-profit and how it’s making a difference in the world.

When Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens wanted to put a face on their organization, they turned to Design for Social GOOD and our team of award winning photojournalists. With decades of major newspaper and magazine experience, we used our talents to capture real life images at several of the programs Catholic Charities administers. Images that provoke emotion, showing children eager to learn at a head start center. Images that display pride and dignity of a woman who has dedicated decades to cooking for children. And images of inspiration as Muslim women participate inESL classes as they learn English as a second language.

Donor and supporters want to see and understand the work of the non-profits they support and care about. Catholic Charities understands this and will utilize the images in countless print and online avenues including their annual report. Catholic Charities bring healing and hope to our communities and Design for Social GOOD is proud to support their work. Together we do GOOD work.


Catholic Charities Headstart Center      ©2010 Najlah Feanny/Design for Social GOOD

ESL, English as a Second Language Classes

Queens North Community Center ESL Class      ©2010 Najlah Feanny/Design for Social GOOD


School Cook   ©2010 Najlah Feanny/Design for Social GOOD

Do1Thing is proud to announce an evening at The SALT Institute for Documentary Studies showcasing the “Young Faces of Homelessness” photographic exhibit.

Do1Thing and Design for Social Good founder Najlah Feanny Hicks welcomes guests to tonights events and speaks about the creation of the Do1Thing project.

We’d love for everyone in the are to join us for the event.

Meet Founder Najlah Feanny Hicks and Do1Thing Director of Photography Alexandra Daley-Clark along with homeless teen Lulu at the gallery event.

UPCOMING EVENT: An evening with the co-founder [ + Fundraiser ]
September 17, 2009 // 7-8:30
@ Salt Institute for Documentary Studies
561 Congress Street // Portland, Maine
Free + Open to the public

Please bring an item donate from the list below. Monetary donations also welcome. In celebration of the current exhibit at Salt, Young Faces of Homelessness, please join us for an evening with one of the creators of the project. Weʼre pleased to welcome Founder, former Newsweek photographer Najlah Feanny Hicks to speak about, which sheds light on young adult homelessness in Maine and around the country.


Several powerful and uplifting multimedia pieces will also be screened. In addition, we are excited to premiere Lulu’s Story, a multimedia piece produced by Mainers:
photographer Alexandra Daley-Clark, Director of Photography for, and audio and multimedia producer Suzi Piker, an alum of the Salt radio program. Their intimate portrait tells the story of a young woman who is currently experiencing homelessness in Portland, Maine.

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