When the Cornell Council for the Arts hired to us to create the information architecture and poster design to highlight grants to Cornell students, staff and faculty, they  used words like innovative, edgy and smart design. They wanted more than a static poster that listed a catalog of awards, they wanted a work of art, a design that showcased their awards in a visually stunning way.

Distributed to more than 2000 artists, art historians, architects and designers, the poster goes beyond a literal calendar, showcasing information visualization with graphically dynamic and designed text.

Interactive Designer Yumi Endo created this stunning poster that captures the essence of their mission, to insure that the arts and the scholarly activity associated with them are equal partners in the university’s public image, and that the creative products of students and faculty alie are put forward in local, national and international professional arenas.

Download a high resolution version of the poster here.


The Community Health Center of Richmond (CHCR) serves more than 22,000 Staten Island residents each year. Providing quality care without regard to a patients ability to pay, they strive to help their patient;s improve not only their health but also their overall wellbeing.


For their fifth year anniversary they turned to Design for Social GOOD to write, edit, photograph and design their annual report. Building on the CHCR logo we designed a year ago, our GOOD branding and editorial teams worked to integrate the brand throughout the annual report process.

The images were as important as the words, the graphics as important as the images. A cohesive overview of their five-year journey culminated in a 20-page annual report.

The branding continues as CHCR expands in the community and continues to make a difference in the lives of Staten Island residents.

The International Anesthesia Research Society advances and supports scientific research and education related to anesthesia and improves patient care through basic research. Each year they award more than one million dollars in grants to help foster innovation and scientific excellence in anesthesia research and this year they turned to Design for Social GOOD to design and brand their ten page event brochure.


Working under a tight deadline, designer Rohini Metharam worked closely with IARS staff to design a brochure that clearly spoke to their cause, celebrated past grant winners and highlighted the great work being done around the world. In three days Rohini moved from concept, to information architecture, to user experience, to a fully designed brochure. Working with nonprofits that fund such important work is an honor and we look forward to collaborating with IARS on future projects.



Thank you COVENANT HOUSE for allowing us to shoot/produce videos highlighting homeless youth’s includingAprilShakinaTaquanAdaPerryJorgeAlexisLouissa and still photo shoots for your website and promotional print materials.

Thank you AMAZON AID FOUNDATION for allowing us to build a website to showcase the Amazon and the desperate need to save the rainforest.

Thank you COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER OF RICHMOND for allowing us to design your new logo, print suite, write and design your postcards, trifold’s, newsletter and bios, design your awnings and signage – holiday, get well, congratulations and thank you cards and we look forward to building you a website in 2011. You are hero’s to the unemployed, uninsured and low income families.

Thank you OPERATION ANGELS RISE for allowing our photographer to come to Jamaica and photograph the immense need at Bustamante Hospital. We loved designing and building your new website.

Thank you ACE NEW YORK for allowing us to brand your nonprofit, design and build your website, photograph your programs and share the great work you’re doing to get homeless men and women off the streets and back to work.

Thank you EDWIN GOULD SERVICES FOR CHILDREN AND FAMILIES for allowing us to provide you with a content management system, SEO, information architecture and design and build a new website for you. You are a beacon of light for foster children hoping to find permanent families. Your mission is close to our hearts.

Thank you CATHOLIC CHARITIES for allowing us to photograph so many of your programs and provide you with moving images for your website and annual report. You feed the body and soul by providing love, compassion and a hand up. You feed the elderly, provide day care for youth and handicapped. You provide food to the poor and hundreds of programs to fill our needs.

Thank you COALITION FOR THE INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT for allowing us to design your annual report. You are the gatekeepers to accountability around the world.

Thank you NATIONAL ASSOCIATION FOR AMERICAN INDIAN ELDERLY for allowing us to design and build your website. We look forward to launching the new site in January. You speak for the American Indian elderly and provide for their needs.

To all the other nonprofits we worked with in 2010, we salute, we thank you, and we look forward to doing GOOD work in 2011!

Design for Social GOOD’s branding campaign for CHCR, a community health center serving uninsured and low-income residents in Staten Island, NY, continues with several print pieces.


The trifold and postcard will be printed in English and Spanish. Design for Social GOOD produced the print advertisement, “Affordable, Accessible Health Care For All,” for publication in the Staten Island Advance. The image advertisement emphasizes the health center’s mission of providing quality care without regard for a patient’s ability to pay. The trifold, which provides essential information for patients, will be distributed at the medical center. By continuing the blue and orange color scheme for the advertisement and trifold, we reinforced the CHCR brand.
Because a majority of CHCR’s clients speak Spanish as their first language, we thought it was important to produce print materials in both English and Spanish.

This week we finalized a postcard for CHCR to use as an outreach tool to gain new patients and keep in touch with current patients. The postcard also serves to brand the center as a medical clinic that is available to everyone on Staten Island.
Design for Social GOOD provided the photography, design, writing and editing for all the print pieces, including an informational brochure written for the community at large, an annual report and a new website.

We continue to work with CHCR on a multitude of pieces, including a T-shirt, 5th anniversary logo and signage.

Community Health Center of Richmond is committed to providing services for the poor and uninsured in Staten Island, New York. Whether it is providing services for day laborers who are unable to find work, or for the poor who can’t afford basic care, the Community Health Center of Richmond opens its doors and aids the needy.

As CHCR began its fifth year, the center turned to Design for Social GOOD to create a new logo that speaks to its cause. We created an artist rendering of a lighthouse using clean, bold lines to contrast an inviting hand-drawn sun. Yellow, red and orange represent the strength and comfort of the warm glow of the sun.
Design for Social GOOD starts every logo design by asking our clients to fill out a website questionnaire so that we can clearly understand their needs and their design guidelines and learn about their voice and goals.

We’re pleased to help the Community Health Center of Richmond shine a light on its organization by designing its new logo.

Check back as we design a new print suite with the lighthouse logo as the centerpiece in the design.

A nonprofit’s branding and design can be key to its long-term success. Why? Because branding gives voice to an organization and design visually expresses that voice. By speaking with one voice, the organization becomes more recognizable. A consistent identity enables others to identify the organization, understand its principles and identigy with its cause.  Thebrand and the design should work together to  convey the history, the essence, and the goals of the organization.


As the Community Health Center of Richmond embarks on a major branding campaign, the organization is carefully incorporating design elements that will help to articulate its cause.

Design for Social GOOD created the new CHCR logo. In Phase II of the project, we’ve created an initial print suite which includes their nonprofit business cards, letterhead and envelope design. In Phase III we’ll design a brochure, newsletter and e-blast.


Donors, volnonprofit letterhead design chcrunteers, advocates and supporters want to be a part of a nonprofit organization that does great work but they also want their non-profit to also look professional.

Below are a few items every non-profit should have.

LOGO: Cho image or drawing that represents your nonprofit.

BROCHURE: It doesn’t matter if it’s three panels, four panels or a single page. Every nonprofit needs a brochure that tells its story. The brochure should tell people “who we are, how we work, and why to get involved”.

PRINT SUITE: Be consistent. Use all printed materials to express the organization’s identity. Business cards, letterhead, envelopes and thank you cards are essential branding materials.

WEBSITE: As technology continues to change the way we do business, a Web presence is an essential tool that every nonprofit must have its arsenal.


Design for Social GOOD design team creates an entire print suite for non-profit working to aid formerly homeless adults.

From the intiial logo design we embraced the iterative design process. It’s a design methodology based on a cyclic process of prototyping, testing, analyzing, and refining until we get to the point where both the designer and the client embrace the logo and identity. Our goal was to put a fresh face on their non-profit by incorporating bold design aesthetics with a clean look. From logo to letterhead and envelopes to business cards, the continuity in the design was consistant and the message was clear.


letterhead-design-non-profitDesign for Social GOOD’s design team designed an entire print suite to accompany a new branding campaign for the Association of Community Employment Programs for the Homeless in New York City.

For the past six months we’ve worked with ACE on an entire branding campaign, logo and design suite, photo and video shoots and in the coming week’s we’ll unveil a newly designed and coded website with a wordpress contentent management system.

Working with experts in nonprofit management from Milano The New School for Management and Urban Policy, Design for Social GOOD put together a 100+ page branding report to jump start the entire process.

We’re giving ACE the tools they’ll need to put a face on their organization. A face that represents the thousands of formerly homeless adults they’ve help to transition into the work force. Check back in the coming weeks as we launch ACENewyork.


Design for Social GOOD designs a 16 page brochure for the Coalition for the International Criminal Court. The 9″ square brochure will have a 10,000 copy print run and used to tell their story.

A comprehensive piece, the brochure starts a new branding campaign that will serve as a center piece in their printed materials package. Utilizing a clean, bold and modern design, the brochure has a unique design aesthetic, utilizing typography, bold imagery and color sensibilities.





Design for Social GOOD is proud to announce the coming launch of Consequences by NOOR a photographic exhibit of exceptional honesty and vision. NOOR chose D4SG to design and develop the blog, a massive social media campaign, produce 9 video, design the Consequences logo and more. Learn more about Consequences by NOOR when launches on Friday.


From the frontiers of climate change comes a photographic project of exceptional honesty and vision. Consequences by NOOR features the work of nine internationally acclaimed photographers… who have documented the devastating effects of climate change on millions of people around the globe. These stunning photographs show not what might happen in the future but what is happening today.The exhibits examine the environmental, societal and economic impact of melting glaciers in Greenland, rising sea levels in the Maldives and Southeast Asia, drought, famine and civil war in Darfur, pine beetle destruction in the forests of British Columbia, oil sand mining in Alberta, ranching and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, brown coal mining in Poland and melting permafrost in Siberia. For the subjects of these photographs, the canary in the mine is already dead, the crisis is here and now.

Consequences by NOOR premiers at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, December 7 through December 18, 2009. The Consequences by NOOR project is sponsored by Nikon Europe BV, Greenpeace International, Oxfam International, and supported by Information newspaper, DASK gallery, Reputation advertising agency and the Danish Photographers Association, among others.Participating photographers include Nina Berman, Philip Blenkinsop, Pep Bonet, Jan Grarup, Stanley Greene, Yuri Kozyrev, Kadir van Lohuizen, Jon Lowenstein and Francesco Zizola.

Consequences by NOOR goes on tour in 2010 and is available for booking. FRIDAY – 30 OCTOBER 2009 – Design for Social Good launches CONSEQUENCES BY NOOR – a blog dedicated to raising awareness of the consequences of climate change around the globe. Highlighting the work of NOOR photographers, Consequences by NOOR will showcase photographs, videos and interviews with NOOR photographers. It will also include updates on exhibitions, ways you can learn more about climate change and the launch of the Consequences project in Copenhagen.

For more information, contact NOOR at:

and FRIDAY – 30 OCTOBER 2009 – visit

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