Thousands of Haitian children have endured amputations as a result of the devastating 2009 earthquake. In a country that is already over run with “economic orphans”, many fear these children will be left to fend for themselves and live a lifetime of despair.

Do1Thing for Haiti is a group of award-winning photographers, journalists, editors, designers and writers who have come together for one mission: To use the power of storytelling to shine an ongoing light into the many dark places that affect our most vulnerable children. We believe that by highlighting one cause, while asking people to do one thing for that cause, great change can occur. Do1Thing for Haiti shines a light on a new generation of amputee’s, the children of Haiti.

Design for Social GOOD will lead this outstanding group in photographing, documentary video shoots, interviewing children and shining a light to promote help and change for these children. View the video below by former Miami Herald Director of Photography and Do1Thing photographer Maggie Steber about the Do1Thing for Haiti project. Videotaped and produced by Do1Thing video journalist Chuck Fadely.

Design for Social GOOD animator Rohini Metharam created this 2d/3d e-card animation for Genewiz to send to their clients with holiday greetings.

Genewiz wanted to go “green” and the e-card served as a clever way to communicate their best wishes for the holidays and their thanks for being loyal clients. The snowman morphs into a scientist with goggles, gloves and a lab coat and opens a greeting card with best wishes at the end.

Designed for Social GOOD created, story boarded, designed and produced both the e-card animation and the holiday html so that Genewiz could send out an e-blast to their clients.

Led by Creative Director Doris Yee, Design for Social GOOD designs the interface & user experience designs for the Shape of Change project. The goal of the redesign was to simplify the user experience and create an intuitive interface for users to participate in the project.

Shape of Change is a project created by Assistant Professor of Media Design at Parsons Melanie Crean. Shape of Change is an “archive of the desire for change” filled with content citizens of America and Iraq talking about their perception of change. The new site design will launch in the coming weeks.



The team at Design for Social GOOD is pained to see the tradgey unfolding in Haiti and would like to do our part to help.

If you work for a non-profit which has no web presence, in need of updating your web presence, or need help with social media in order to help those stricken by the earthquake, please email Design for Social GOOD. We would like to offer our services, FOR FREE, to you.

We hope to give back, even in a small way, to a worthy organization helping to do GOOD. It’s the least we can do.

At Design for Social GOOD we have a responsibility to help other people. We strive to produce outstanding work that promotes positive social change. We live not only by our commitment to our clients but also by our commitment to our community and the environment. We hope you’ll join us in doing even one thing to help those less fortunate in Haiti.

At Design for Social GOOD, we know the power of “Social Media” through first hand experience. We co-founded “The Heart Gallery of New Jersey” where we used the power of the Internet and social media to raise awareness for thousands of foster children waiting to be adopted. To date, almost 200 children have been adopted as a result of our efforts and the HGNJ website accounts for 1/3 or every inquiry for foster and adoption in New Jersey.

In 2009 we launched the Do1Thing project, which leveraged social media to raise awareness for the more than 1.3 million homeless teens in America. Through the website, blogs, twitter, facebook, youtube and other social outlets, we raised awareness while making a call to action.

D4SG leverages creative media and Web 2.0 technologies for social GOOD and with every major campaign we produce, we implement a social media campaign.

If you’re still not a believer in the power of social media, take a look at this video and we think you’ll change your mind!


Recipients of 2009 Russ Berrie Award for Making a Difference – Honored at Ramapo College Ceremony

The Russell Berrie Foundation carries on the values and passions of the late Russell Berrie, through promoting the continuity of the Jewish people, fostering religious understanding and pluralism, supporting advances in diabetes and humanistic medical care, celebrating unsung heroes and elevating the profession of sales.

Last year the foundation honored Do1Thing founder Najlah Feanny Hicks for her work in co-founding the Heart Gallery of New Jersey Inc., a traveling portrait gallery that publicizes the plight of adoption-eligible children mired in the foster care system. To date, 191 New Jersey foster children have been adopted because of the Heart Gallery’s efforts.

She used most of her award to launch an organization called Do1Thing. It’s a nationwide effort of photographers, writers and Web designers to portray the face of homeless teenagers. The Web-based organization links to a number of non-profit partners that provide services to homeless teens. In recalling last year’s ceremony, Hicks said, “The beauty of this is that it allowed me to do one more thing. There is always something each of you can give.”

Read about the 2009 recipient: Patient care technician Angelica Mercado. Mercado assisteda driver whose gas tanker overturned and exploded. Driving by as the accident occured, she stopped, pulled the driver to safety and took him to the hospital. Healthcare professionals at The University Hospital in Newark, where the driver was taken, believe Mercado’s quick actions likely saved the man’s life.

Yesterday we spent the day shooting photos, videos, and capturing audio for the launch of the Design for Social Good animation.


The production team consisted of Pasquale Chieffalo (Motion and Sound designer), Rohini Metharam (3D animator), and Fengyu Hao (2D animator).


This multi-faceted team conceptualized the animation, designed the story boards and today directed the photo and video shoots. Animation launch is expected to be complete in four weeks.


Designing GOOD promo materials, website and a host of other materials has kept us extreemly busy and already we’re working with the Orphan Foundation of America on branding and identity. Known as OFA, this institution is based in Sterling, Virginia and is dedicated to giving foster children a better chance of getting into higher education. Every year over 2000 young people apply for an OFA scholarship. Since 1991, OFA has awarded over $10 million in scholarships to thousands of students in all 50 states. Pretty incredible, right? Well, the GOOD we’re going to do is increase that dollar amount by improving communications with the implementation of social media. With a giant push in funds is a greater push in the number of kids going to college.


Do1Thing is a collaborative, nationwide effort among 32 Pulitzer Prize-winners and some of the most recognized names in photography, to raise awareness of homeless teenagers’ plight and encourage individuals to take action to assist them. Do1Thing addresses social activists as well as people who want to take action but don’t know how to do so. It offers everyone the possibility to do just one thing of their choice for homeless teens. It is our intention to give disadvantaged youth visibility within the social context so that they can be helped to empower themselves.

Today, the Internet is one of the most important tools that we can use to create a digital community that encourages activism and brings about social change. The Do1Thing project is based on a dynamic web site that showcases photos, videos and narratives of homeless teens across the country, making visible the people our communities cannot or will not see. In addition, users can upload photos, videos and blogs of the actions they take to help this unseen population.

In order to provide a practical connection between need and activism and to engender a constructive context for social action, Do 1 Thing has and will continue to spread virally, using social networking sites, wikis, Twitter and blogs to push the message across various channels.


To do GOOD work you have to have GOOD tools. In today’s technologically advanced world, it’s imperative to have a website that gives voice to your cause. We want to recognize unsung heroes for all the GOOD they do by giving away a dynamic, interactive website that allows you to reach your supporters, donors and the world.

We’ll highlight six deserving finalists and ask you to choose one you believe does the most GOOD. We’ll hold a public vote, letting you narrow the choice to the top two finalists. We’ll determine the winner from those two finalists and our world-class designers and developers will build them a website.

Anyone can nominate a deserving non-profit. Follow our GOOD guidelines and nominate your favorite non-profit.

Each year we select a non-profit organization to donate a website to, giving back to our community and our world. It’s just one of the GOOD things we do. We are currently accepting nominations until November 1, 2009.

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