The Asia Society, a global non-profit forging closer ties between Asia and the West through arts, education, policy and business outreach, reached out to Design for Social GOOD for a new look and feel for their centers pages.

Interactive Designer Yumi Endo worked with Asia Society Executive Director, Digital Media & Strategy, Bill Swersey to bring their information architecture to reality. Using a three/five colum grid layout with an oversized carousel for featured content, the design is modern, dynamic and has a lively and urban feel.

Non-profit website design is a central focus for our design team. Putting a face on a case is critical to the success of that cause.

View the important work the Asia Society is doing around the world.



NC Reach provides state-funded grants for former North Carolina foster youth to attend public colleges and Universities. By providing students with valuable resources, guidance and financial assistance, NC Reach affords them futures filled with possibilites.

Advocating for foster youth has been a longtime passion for Design for Social GOOD so when NC Reach asked us to design a new website, we were honored to have the opportunity. The website design and development process included analysis of the current site, specific recommendations to the client, wire frames and style frames to show the look and feel of the new site and usability testing to assure the site’s fluid navigation.

We’re exited to work with RichWeb as they continue the next step in the website development life cycle.

We’ll be sure to let you know when the new


Design for Social GOOD launched the Amazon Aid Foundation website this week, highlighting the organization’s stunning photography and multimedia. Founded by Sarah duPont and Dave Lutz, the organization documents life and death in the Amazon while making a call to action to preserve the rainforest.

Creative Director Doris Yee led the web team in designing and building the site. As leaders of a new organization, Sarah and Dave understood the need to clearly articulate their mission with both words and images. They followed our lead throughout the web build. The information architecture for the site was a driving force behind the design. The site, which combines photography with Doris’s original icons and consistent color scheme,  is clean and easy to navigate. Aesthetically pleasing with fast load times, social media integration and a clean navigational structure, the website is both beautiful and effective.

View all the GOOD work the Amazon Aid Foundation is doing!


Design for Social GOOD is pleased to announce the new website for the National Society of American Indian Elderly. Our web team designed and coded the new site, putting a new face on a very important organization. The NSAIE works with tribes, tribal organizations and native nonprofits across the United States to improve the quality of life for under-served American Indian, Alaska Native and Pacific American Elders.


Consistent navigation, clear and defined information architecture and bold design were important considerations during the design and web development phases. The locate a tribe page works as a portal for visitors to find tribes and the navigational structure on the page makes it easy to find content. The site is coded with a WordPress CMS allowing NSAIE to update content without needing or paying a developer.

A fresh look and feel, easy to locate content, a call to action, a way to get involved and resources to help their member tribes all tie into a site that will serve their purpose for years to come.

The National Society of American Indian Elderly is making a difference in the lives of thousands of native elders and we’re honored to play a small part in their work. Visit their site and see how you can get involved in this great cause. Like them onFacebook, support their nonprofit on Causes, follow them on Twitter or contact them to learn more about how you can get involved in helping the elderly!

Design iterations are underway as Design for Social GOOD moves forward with the information architecture and design for the new Amazon Aid Foundation website.

The Amazon Aid Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public and supporting scientists and activists working to preserve the Amazon Rainforest. The foundation also produces world-class multimedia to showcase the amazing Amazon environment.

The first phase in website design is to create the  information architecture, which leads to the site map. This gives our designers a clear path to all the content on the site.

We’re now on Phase II,which is the website’s look and feel. Incorporating the nonprofit’s logo and color scheme is essential to properly branding the organization and the website. Design for Social GOOD created original backgrounds and icons to compliment the site’s consistent branding. Throughout the design process we consider essential key elements needed to create a successful nonprofit website.

There has to be a clear description of the organization’s mission. Every site should include information about the organization’s background and its leadership team. There needs to be a clear and easy entryway for volunteers and donors to get involved. The people or places that are affected have to be presented in a compelling and convincing way so that supporters and donors will feel connected to the issue and contact information must be easy to find.

The final consideration is the overall design concept. The design has to fit with the organization’s culture and purpose. Design for Social GOOD is invested in the success of each and every web build. We look forward to the Amazon Aid Foundation web build and launch. Stay tuned to see the finished site!







Edwin Gould Services for Children and Families strives to  “reach directly the needy children of the present generation and contribute to their health, physical and educational development until they can be returned to a proper home environment or can be self-supporting.”

Edwin Gould has had its current website for many years. The organization decided it was time to update the site design to make it more user friendly and add a content management system (CMS).

Design for Social GOOD worked with Edwin Gould on the new site information architecture (AI) to layout a blueprint for the next site. The second stage involved creating style frames to show the look and feel of the new site prior to back end development. The final stage is now in progress and in the coming weeks we’ll launch the new EGSCF website. The site will offer EGSCF the opportunity to manage and update their content as well as interact with donors, supporters, clients and potential employees.


Project LIFE (Living Independently, Focusing on Empowerment) is a partnership with the Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) and United Methodist Family Services (UMFS). Its goal is to promote permanent family connections for older youth while coordinating and enhancing life skills development for older youth in and transitioning out of foster care.
Design for Social GOOD has years of experience in the foster care field as founders of The Heart Gallery of New Jersey and Do1Thing to aid foster youth so this project was close to our hearts. United Methodist Family Services needed a design firm that understood its cause, its audience and what the organization hoped to accomplish. UMFS chose us. We designed custom icons throughout the site, produces style frames for their web developer to use as a blueprint to code the site, and provided photography.

Design for Social GOOD launches nonprofit website build for ACE, Empowering the Homeless – Improving Communities,today. The website design and build culminates a six-month project with ACE that started with a massive branding report, logo design, photo and video shoots and website build.

The website showcases a clean and modern design with consistent navigation and bold graphics and images. In order to clearly articulate your cause to supporters, your team and the world, it’s important to keep a few key points in mind when moving forward with your non-profit website design.

Non-profit website design best practices:

  • Clearly describe your non-profit’s mission
  • Provide information about your organization’s history
  • Introduce your staff
  • Provide information for your volunteers
  • Use photographs to connect supporters with the people you’re serving
  • Include contact information
  • Offer an email and/or newsletter signup
  • Don’t forget: If you don’t “ask,” people can’t give. Provide a clear path to a donate button

Take a look at a great resource for more indepth information on non-profit website design at Smashing Magazine.





Design for Social GOOD is pleased to support Operation: Angels Rise by donating our design and development services by building a new website for this grass roots non-profit. Operation: Angels Rise will benefit Jamaican and Haitian children in need of health care and other vital necessities through the help of the Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation and Sow A Seed. Proceeds will help build new wings at the Bustamante Hospital for Children provide rehabilitation services to Jamaican children and support Haitian orphans affected by the Jan.12, 2010, earthquake. We join Shaggy, Operation: Angels Rise and Sow a Seed in “Daring to Make a Difference”.


About Operation: Angels Rise

With the same philosophy and goals of helping children in need, Shaggy and the Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation along with Sow a Seed, a Florida-based charity organization to launch Operation: Angels Rise.

The events are planned around various activities to raise funds to benefit Jamaican and Haitian children in need of health care and other vital necessities through the help of the Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation and Sow A Seed.

Since 2004, Sow A Seed has been providing basic fundamentals to orphans living in Haiti’s extreme poverty. Since the earthquake, the number of orphans has nearly doubled. As a non-profit organization solely compromised of volunteers, Sow A Seed now has a greater need to help these children rise above the rubble and rebuild their lives. Funds raised will also help Sow a Seed continue in rehabilitating orphanages and providing basic essentials- such as food, shelter and education – to orphans in Haiti, with the long-term goal of building their own orphanage.

Together, more Jamaican and Haitian angels can rise to new aspirations. In unity, there is hope.

Design for Social GOOD is proud to announce the coming launch of Consequences by NOOR a photographic exhibit of exceptional honesty and vision. NOOR chose D4SG to design and develop the blog, a massive social media campaign, produce 9 video, design the Consequences logo and more. Learn more about Consequences by NOOR when launches on Friday.


From the frontiers of climate change comes a photographic project of exceptional honesty and vision. Consequences by NOOR features the work of nine internationally acclaimed photographers… who have documented the devastating effects of climate change on millions of people around the globe. These stunning photographs show not what might happen in the future but what is happening today.The exhibits examine the environmental, societal and economic impact of melting glaciers in Greenland, rising sea levels in the Maldives and Southeast Asia, drought, famine and civil war in Darfur, pine beetle destruction in the forests of British Columbia, oil sand mining in Alberta, ranching and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, brown coal mining in Poland and melting permafrost in Siberia. For the subjects of these photographs, the canary in the mine is already dead, the crisis is here and now.

Consequences by NOOR premiers at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, December 7 through December 18, 2009. The Consequences by NOOR project is sponsored by Nikon Europe BV, Greenpeace International, Oxfam International, and supported by Information newspaper, DASK gallery, Reputation advertising agency and the Danish Photographers Association, among others.Participating photographers include Nina Berman, Philip Blenkinsop, Pep Bonet, Jan Grarup, Stanley Greene, Yuri Kozyrev, Kadir van Lohuizen, Jon Lowenstein and Francesco Zizola.

Consequences by NOOR goes on tour in 2010 and is available for booking. FRIDAY – 30 OCTOBER 2009 – Design for Social Good launches CONSEQUENCES BY NOOR – a blog dedicated to raising awareness of the consequences of climate change around the globe. Highlighting the work of NOOR photographers, Consequences by NOOR will showcase photographs, videos and interviews with NOOR photographers. It will also include updates on exhibitions, ways you can learn more about climate change and the launch of the Consequences project in Copenhagen.

For more information, contact NOOR at:

and FRIDAY – 30 OCTOBER 2009 – visit

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