Cornell Council for the Arts Exhibition and Events Poster


When the Cornell Council for the Arts hired to us to create the information architecture and poster design to highlight grants to Cornell students, staff and faculty, they  used words like innovative, edgy and smart design. They wanted more than a static poster that listed a catalog of awards, they wanted a work of art, a design that showcased their awards in a visually stunning way.

Distributed to more than 2000 artists, art historians, architects and designers, the poster goes beyond a literal calendar, showcasing information visualization with graphically dynamic and designed text.

Interactive Designer Yumi Endo created this stunning poster that captures the essence of their mission, to insure that the arts and the scholarly activity associated with them are equal partners in the university’s public image, and that the creative products of students and faculty alie are put forward in local, national and international professional arenas.

Download a high resolution version of the poster here.

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