D4SG Produces Documentary Video on Brazil’s Range War: Assault on the Amazon

When producing this video for Kadir van Lohuizen and Consequences by NOOR we wondered how many people actually realize that the Amazon rainforest is being deforested to create pastures for cattle?

Like many of you, we didn’t know about the massive devastation occurring in the rainforest, a place that produces 20% of the earth’s oxygen and stores an estimated 80-120 billion tons of carbon. We didn’t know that an area the size of two-football fields is deforested every minute in the Amazon or that the Brazilian cattle industry is responsible for 70% of current deforestation.

We didn’t know that burning rain forests release 200 million metric ton’s of gas into the atmosphere a year or that Brazil is one of the ten worst emitters of greenhouse gases in the world.

To produce this video in a compelling, thought provoking and thorough way, our researchers, writers and editors poured through data culling the most comprehensive information on issues surround the “Assault on the Amazon”. View this stunning video. Design for Social GOOD researched climate change data in the Amazon, interviewed Kadir, edited audio, wrote the script and produced “Brazil’s Range War: Assault on the Amazon”.

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