Design for Social GOOD Commissioned Photojournalism Project for Catholic Charities

Putting the right face on any non-profit is crucial to successfully telling a powerful story. The story of your non-profit and how it’s making a difference in the world.

When Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens wanted to put a face on their organization, they turned to Design for Social GOOD and our team of award winning photojournalists. With decades of major newspaper and magazine experience, we used our talents to capture real life images at several of the programs Catholic Charities administers. Images that provoke emotion, showing children eager to learn at a head start center. Images that display pride and dignity of a woman who has dedicated decades to cooking for children. And images of inspiration as Muslim women participate inESL classes as they learn English as a second language.

Donor and supporters want to see and understand the work of the non-profits they support and care about. Catholic Charities understands this and will utilize the images in countless print and online avenues including their annual report. Catholic Charities bring healing and hope to our communities and Design for Social GOOD is proud to support their work. Together we do GOOD work.


Catholic Charities Headstart Center      ©2010 Najlah Feanny/Design for Social GOOD

ESL, English as a Second Language Classes

Queens North Community Center ESL Class      ©2010 Najlah Feanny/Design for Social GOOD


School Cook   ©2010 Najlah Feanny/Design for Social GOOD

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