Design for Social GOOD Donates Design and Website Build for Non-Profit Helping Needy Children

Design for Social GOOD is pleased to support Operation: Angels Rise by donating our design and development services by building a new website for this grass roots non-profit. Operation: Angels Rise will benefit Jamaican and Haitian children in need of health care and other vital necessities through the help of the Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation and Sow A Seed. Proceeds will help build new wings at the Bustamante Hospital for Children provide rehabilitation services to Jamaican children and support Haitian orphans affected by the Jan.12, 2010, earthquake. We join Shaggy, Operation: Angels Rise and Sow a Seed in “Daring to Make a Difference”.


About Operation: Angels Rise

With the same philosophy and goals of helping children in need, Shaggy and the Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation along with Sow a Seed, a Florida-based charity organization to launch Operation: Angels Rise.

The events are planned around various activities to raise funds to benefit Jamaican and Haitian children in need of health care and other vital necessities through the help of the Shaggy Make a Difference Foundation and Sow A Seed.

Since 2004, Sow A Seed has been providing basic fundamentals to orphans living in Haiti’s extreme poverty. Since the earthquake, the number of orphans has nearly doubled. As a non-profit organization solely compromised of volunteers, Sow A Seed now has a greater need to help these children rise above the rubble and rebuild their lives. Funds raised will also help Sow a Seed continue in rehabilitating orphanages and providing basic essentials- such as food, shelter and education – to orphans in Haiti, with the long-term goal of building their own orphanage.

Together, more Jamaican and Haitian angels can rise to new aspirations. In unity, there is hope.

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