Design for Social Good Introduces Itself to the Non-Profit World!


Kickoff Meeting Attendees: Najlah Hicks // Ron Haviv // Barbara Morris // Doris Yee // Katie Levitt // Vanessa Panzarino // Rishi Sharma // Donny Chou // Fengyu Hao // Rohini Metharam

Who Are We

A network of interdisciplinary designers and media makers who collaborate on budgeted projects about critical social issues. This network that collects job opportunities that are of interest to people in our field and matches individuals to both learn and connect with prospective clients.

What We Do

Design and execute creative solutions using Web 2.0 and time-based media for clients. This is the making of a new creative network that works towards designing strategies and executing creative solutions for clients that. We’re seeing who is on board and what skill(s) you bring to the table.


Parsons is a valuable resource of creative individuals with fresh ideas. As graduates, we’re hungry to make money but also to make change. You have been selected as someone who has a specialty skill that can apply to meaningful projects that will earn you some dough but allows you the opportunity to put a face on action.


Step 1. Design for Social Good gathers and lists out projects on the main website (in development).

Step 2. Each project must be completed within a certain budget and timeframe that is worked out between the facilitator (Najlah Hicks) and client.

Step 3. Depending on the scope of each project, you or a number of individuals will be asked for your level of interest and availability to work on that project (i.e.: graphic design, branding, website, animation, back end development, etc.)

Step 4. Your hours spent on each project is set at a fixed rate specific to each project and its corresponding budget.

Step 5. Use Design for Social Good as an environment to not only to exchange ideas and opportunities but learn other skills that you’re interested in

Design for Social Good may sound like a job engine but it’s really a creative networking environment that looks to make an impact on the world through the skills we have and the skills we learn from each other.

A survey will follow to know what area(s) of expertise you fall under.

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