“Enjoy Good Health”, Medical Clinic Serving the Poor and Uninsured

The Community Health Center of Richmond continues to embrace their new branding campaign, this time adding a photo shoot to build their library of images.

Stock images rarely embody the true essence of a nonprofit and CHCR knew they wanted to use images in a variety of print web project. By commissioning Design for Social GOOD to photograph their clinic, they own the rights to use hundreds of images for a varitey of needs.
Community Health Center of Richmond

Back to School Physical

We were carefull to photograph their staff doing a wide variety of activities with patients of various age groups to give an overall feel to the¬†clinic’s work. Whether they’re providing much needed medical care to the poor, reassuring new parents, offering educational information or interacting with staff, CHCR wanted to put a face on their organization. Now they have a cache of images to choose from when designing their new website and print materials.

Photographs: ©2010 Najlah Feanny Hicks/Design for Social GOOD

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