From Foster Care, to Homelessness, to Stability. A Success Story.

At 18-years-old Nancy has already lived a lifetime of heartache. Her mother beat her little brother to death and he died in Nancy’s arms. She lived in more than 35 foster homes and as she approached her 18th birthday, her foster mother told her to get pregnant or live on the streets. She turned to Covenant House for shelter and care and Covenant House turned to Design for Social GOOD to produce this video of her story.

We applaud Nancy and her enduring spirit that helped her overcome a horrific childhood. With the help of Covenant House New Jersey, she lifted herself up and is now in independent living. She fulfilled her dreams and sang on a Broadway stage and has a life of possibilities ahead of her.

Emmy nominated videographer John O’Boyle shot some of the footage for Nancy’s story and Producer Chuck Fadely brought it all together.

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