Logo Design + Blog Design + Code + Implement Fully Integrated Blog for Noor Consequences

D4SG is proud to launch Consequences by NOOR. With less than 60 days before the start of COP15, the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, NOOR turned to Design for Social Good to design the Consequences by NOOR logo, design and code the fully integrated Consequences blog and direct a massive social media campaign for their project.

Using a custom framework, D4SG built a smart photo blog, seamlessly integrating the blog into NOOR’s current site design. Specifically designed to showcase photographs, this design puts both form and function at the forefront. Integrating social networking, a contact form, smart information architecture and custom css, Consequences by NOOR “puts a face” on NOOR’s project.


About Consequences by Noor

From the frontiers of climate change comes a photographic project of exceptional honesty and vision. Consequences by NOOR features the work of nine internationally acclaimed photographers who have documented the devastating effects of climate change on millions of people around the globe. These stunning photographs show not what might happen in the future but what is happening today.

The exhibits examine the environmental, societal and economic impact of melting glaciers in Greenland, rising sea levels in the Maldives and Southeast Asia, drought, famine and civil war in Darfur, pine beetle destruction in the forests of British Columbia, oil sand mining in Alberta, ranching and deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon, brown coal mining in Poland and melting permafrost in Siberia. For the subjects of these photographs, the canary in the mine is already dead, the crisis is here and now.
Consequences by NOOR premiers at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen, December 7 through December 18, 2009.

The Consequences by NOOR project is sponsored by Nikon Europe BV, Greenpeace International, Oxfam International, and supported by Information newspaper, DASK gallery, Reputation advertising agency and the Danish Photographers Association, among others.

Participating photographers include Nina Berman, Philip Blenkinsop, Pep Bonet, Jan Grarup, Stanley Greene, Yuri Kozyrev, Kadir van Lohuizen, Jon Lowenstein and Francesco Zizola.

Consequences by NOOR goes on tour in 2010 and is available for booking.

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