Week 13

There is NO CLASS today but you are required to log in and leave links to you homework.


Please make sure to leave me a  link to DELICIOUS, your BLOG and to your FLICKR account. All animated banner ads must be uploaded both to your blog and to Flickr.

You can either email or post  your partners portfolio web build to your blog.







****THERE IS NO CLASS ON WEEK 13***** The Google maps are due on week 14.


Creating an interactive census map is easy using the free geocommons map service. This video tutorial takes you through the process step-by-step. You will download map files from the U.S. Census Bureau Tiger Shapefile Library, download and edit population data from Bay Area Censusand merge the two to make an interactive map that you can publish on your site.

Geocommons Census Tutorial from kdmcinfo on Vimeo.

5 Ways to create a Google Map 


Google Maps is the leader in online maps. Whether it’s a small map that indicates a location or a complicated interactive map, making Google Maps should be a part of your toolkit. The Google Maps API is a great tool, but there are a number of third-party applications that streamline the map-building process.
Google Map























Step 1

Go to Google.com and sign in.


Step 2

Log in with your Google account. If you do not have an account you can create your free account here.


Step 3

Click Maps in the top navigation.

Step 4

This is the Google Maps starting point.

Enter the address you want to map and then click the search maps button.

Note the address on the left sidebar and the green locator icon on the map.


Step 5

In the location balloon click Save to My Maps.


Step 6 

In the pop-up menu select Create a new map. Click the Save button.


Step 7

This displays the address in your own map. Note that you are in the My Maps tab.

Note that the Location Title(1) for the icon in the pop-up is the 1807 address as is the Title of the map (2) & (3) and the Listing of the icon point in the sidebar (4) is also the 1807 address.

Change the information in the pop-up window.

Change the Title of the location (1), click the icon and make a selection (2), Use the text formatting tools (3) to change the appearance of the text. Use the link tool (4) to create a link to the Web site of your choice (in our example, we’ve created a link to Brewed Awakenings’ Web site).


Step 9

Change the Title of the map and add a description and click the Done button.













Step 10

This displays the edited map information.

Note the new map Title is displayed (1), and the new Listing Title (2) matches the Location Title(3).


Step 11

Copy the embed code.

Click Link to this page (1), then select and copy the embed text (2).

Step 12

In your WordPress page go to the Code editing tab. This will enable you to use the embed code that you copied.


Step 13

Identify that you are going to enter code by clicking the “code” button. Click the code button (1) and the beginning HTML code tag is automatically inserted (2).
barStep 14
Paste in the Google Maps embed code that you copied.
Step 15
Close the open code tag.
Notice that the code button has automatically changed to a /code button (1). Click the /codebutton and the closing tag is inserted (2). Click Save.


Step 16

In WordPress Admin click to view the page you used to embed the map.


Step 17

Congratulations! Your Google map is displayed.

Blog of the Best Mashups Online

Below are some of the best tools for creating worry-free Google Maps.

Map Builder | www.mapbuilder.net
Special Features: Address search, Upload multiple locations (CSV file), Editable HTML code, customized controls

Atlas | www.fmatlas.com
Special Features: Novice-friendly simplicity, Address, business and Wikipedia search, Bulk uploader (CSV),

CommunityWalk | www.communitywalk.com
Special Features: Create paths, Color-coded or custom markers, Bulk upload (Excel), Export points, audio capabilities, social networking

Google My Maps | maps.google.com
Special Features: Create custom markers, lines and polygons, Add HTML, photo and video to pop up balloons, collaborate and share with others, Overlay additional content

YourGMap | www.yourgmap.com
Special Features: Novice-friendly simplicity, Export markers to CSV file, Customized controls and markers, Embed final map

If none of the aforementioned services floats your boat, Mashable has a list of 50+ Tools and Resources for Online Maps.

Homework | Week 13


Create an interactive banner ad of any major museum around the world. Post it to you MSU web hosting space as well as take a screen shot and post it to your blog and Flickr.

Create a NEW set of banner ads using ALL FOUR of the standard sizes listed in the image in this week’s class blog. All four ads must highlight ONE real world company or product. Post them to your blog and Flickr.

Tag THREE Web sites or articles in DELICIOUS that focus on Google Maps and write at least two paragraphs in the Delicious comment section about why you think each one would be a good resource for this class. *Make sure you also add the tag: msuinteractivemedia2013 as well as adding other tags.

****THERE IS NO CLASS ON WEEK 13***** You are required to come to the lab, log into week 13 and leave a comment. The banner ads are due on week 13. The Google maps are due on week 14.