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Week 16

Leave me a link to your HOMEWORK.HTML.

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Week 15 – The End of the Road

Steve Jobs on Failure (1994)

16 Inspiring Examples of Interactive Maps in Web Design

Interactive maps can be a a great way of displaying useful information in an engaging and attractive way by inviting the user to take action...

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Week 14: Interactive Images


Image-based e-commerce and advertising company Stipple gives users and businesses a way to attach additional content — such as shopping links, YouTube videos, Twitter feeds or more photos — to a single image, which can be embedded across various websites and now social networks like Twitter...

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Week 13

There is NO CLASS today but you are required to log in and leave links to you homework.

Please make sure to leave me a  link to DELICIOUS, your BLOG and to your FLICKR account. All animated banner ads must be uploaded both to your blog and to Flickr.

You can either email or post  your partners po...

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Week 11: WordPress Projects Due



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Week 10: WordPress Site Critiques

HOMEWORK | Week 9 | Review

  • Write a written critique of one of your classmates WordPress site. The critique must be a minimum of 300 words and cover
    • Balance
    • Rhythm
    • Proportion
    • Dominance
    • Unity
    • Color
    • Layout
    • Navigation
    • Flow
    • Images
    • Font and headline and text choice
    • Widgets
    • Usability
    • Functionality
    • Over...
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Week 9: WP Critiques & Project Documentation

HOMEWORK | Week 7 | Review

  • Create a CHILD THEME for your theme and install it. Add child theme to the new name. Take a screen shot and upload it to your blog.
  • Change at least FIVE attributes in the style.css on your child theme...
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Week 7: WordPress Child Themes

HOMEWORK | Week 6 | Review

  • Update your Google Calendar, adding deliverables deadlines for resume, portfolio, contact, skills, artist statement, images and home page and share this with your client. This should be your last push to receive content from your “client”.
    • Your “client” should sign of...
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Week 6: WordPress Plugins/Widgets/Images

HOMEWORK | Week 5 | Review

  • Review the client survey’s and make notes and questions about things you are unsure of . Email your client with these questions and post those questions to your blog. Your client needs to respond to your questions by Friday at 5pm.
  • Update your Google Calendar, adding de...
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Week 5: WordPress Continued

Homework | Week 4 | Review

  1. Complete the website questionnaire and upload it to your blog NO LATER THAN FRIDAY. Notify your partner once it’s uploaded.
  2. Once you’ve read your partners website questionnaire, upload a list of questions you have for them and upload it to your blog...
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