Nonprofit Website Design: The Amazon Aid Foundation

Design iterations are underway as Design for Social GOOD moves forward with the information architecture and design for the new Amazon Aid Foundation website.

The Amazon Aid Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public and supporting scientists and activists working to preserve the Amazon Rainforest. The foundation also produces world-class multimedia to showcase the amazing Amazon environment.

The first phase in website design is to create the  information architecture, which leads to the site map. This gives our designers a clear path to all the content on the site.

We’re now on Phase II,which is the website’s look and feel. Incorporating the nonprofit’s logo and color scheme is essential to properly branding the organization and the website. Design for Social GOOD created original backgrounds and icons to compliment the site’s consistent branding. Throughout the design process we consider essential key elements needed to create a successful nonprofit website.

There has to be a clear description of the organization’s mission. Every site should include information about the organization’s background and its leadership team. There needs to be a clear and easy entryway for volunteers and donors to get involved. The people or places that are affected have to be presented in a compelling and convincing way so that supporters and donors will feel connected to the issue and contact information must be easy to find.

The final consideration is the overall design concept. The design has to fit with the organization’s culture and purpose. Design for Social GOOD is invested in the success of each and every web build. We look forward to the Amazon Aid Foundation web build and launch. Stay tuned to see the finished site!





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