Nonprofit Website – Style Frames for Edwin Gould Services for Children and Families



Edwin Gould Services for Children and Families strives to  “reach directly the needy children of the present generation and contribute to their health, physical and educational development until they can be returned to a proper home environment or can be self-supporting.”

Edwin Gould has had its current website for many years. The organization decided it was time to update the site design to make it more user friendly and add a content management system (CMS).

Design for Social GOOD worked with Edwin Gould on the new site information architecture (AI) to layout a blueprint for the next site. The second stage involved creating style frames to show the look and feel of the new site prior to back end development. The final stage is now in progress and in the coming weeks we’ll launch the new EGSCF website. The site will offer EGSCF the opportunity to manage and update their content as well as interact with donors, supporters, clients and potential employees.


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