The Importance of Nonprofit Branding – Print Suite for CHCR

A nonprofit’s branding and design can be key to its long-term success. Why? Because branding gives voice to an organization and design visually expresses that voice. By speaking with one voice, the organization becomes more recognizable. A consistent identity enables others to identify the organization, understand its principles and identigy with its cause.  Thebrand and the design should work together to  convey the history, the essence, and the goals of the organization.


As the Community Health Center of Richmond embarks on a major branding campaign, the organization is carefully incorporating design elements that will help to articulate its cause.

Design for Social GOOD created the new CHCR logo. In Phase II of the project, we’ve created an initial print suite which includes their nonprofit business cards, letterhead and envelope design. In Phase III we’ll design a brochure, newsletter and e-blast.


Donors, volnonprofit letterhead design chcrunteers, advocates and supporters want to be a part of a nonprofit organization that does great work but they also want their non-profit to also look professional.

Below are a few items every non-profit should have.

LOGO: Cho image or drawing that represents your nonprofit.

BROCHURE: It doesn’t matter if it’s three panels, four panels or a single page. Every nonprofit needs a brochure that tells its story. The brochure should tell people “who we are, how we work, and why to get involved”.

PRINT SUITE: Be consistent. Use all printed materials to express the organization’s identity. Business cards, letterhead, envelopes and thank you cards are essential branding materials.

WEBSITE: As technology continues to change the way we do business, a Web presence is an essential tool that every nonprofit must have its arsenal.

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