Today we launch PATH OF DESTRUCTION, a video highlighting the devastating effects of the Mountain Pine Beetle. Through out British Columbia, the pine beetle has killed millions of trees and continues to ravish the countryside.

Commissioned by NOOR to produce videos for nine photographers, PATH OF DESTRUCTION launches the series that highlights the effects of climate change around the world. Today we share with you the “making of PATH OF DESTRUCTION”.

Our D4SG team lead by Editorial Director Debbie M. Price included Creative Director Doris Yee, Researcher Libby Afflerbach, Transcriber Laura McElherne, Animator Pasquale Chiefallo, Picture Editor Larry C. Price and to pull the video together. Here’s how they did it.

Debbie interviewed NOOR photographer Nina Berman about her experiences photographing the devastating effects of the Mountain Pine Beetle in the forests of British Columbia. Using Skype to conduct the interview, she utilized Audio Hijack Pro 2 to record the call. When the interview concluded she uploaded the audio to our secure ftp site using Fetch software. We downloaded the audio, uploaded it to YouTubewhere we converted it into a Quicktime movie. Laura transcribed the audio giving Debbie a time coded word document. While this was under way, researcher Libby provided Debbie with a dossier on the destructive pine beetles highlighting facts she could use on the title frames in the video. Picture Editor Larry Price edited Nina’s images using Photo Mechanic and Adobe Photoshop software. Larry chose the strongest images to create a compelling story line. Debbie identified the audio clips she wanted to narrate the images, wrote the title frames and delivered them with instructions to animator Pasquale. Pascale used After Effects software to ingest the images and audio, sequencing them to produce the final video. Working through the iterative design proccess, a design method based on a cyclic process of prototyping, testing, analyzing, and refining a work in progress, we present you with PATH OF DESTRUCTION.

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