Website Highlighting the Amazon Launches


Design for Social GOOD launched the Amazon Aid Foundation website this week, highlighting the organization’s stunning photography and multimedia. Founded by Sarah duPont and Dave Lutz, the organization documents life and death in the Amazon while making a call to action to preserve the rainforest.

Creative Director Doris Yee led the web team in designing and building the site. As leaders of a new organization, Sarah and Dave understood the need to clearly articulate their mission with both words and images. They followed our lead throughout the web build. The information architecture for the site was a driving force behind the design. The site, which combines photography with Doris’s original icons and consistent color scheme,  is clean and easy to navigate. Aesthetically pleasing with fast load times, social media integration and a clean navigational structure, the website is both beautiful and effective.

View all the GOOD work the Amazon Aid Foundation is doing!

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