Welcome to the Social Media REVOLUTION!

At Design for Social GOOD, we know the power of “Social Media” through first hand experience. We co-founded “The Heart Gallery of New Jersey” where we used the power of the Internet and social media to raise awareness for thousands of foster children waiting to be adopted. To date, almost 200 children have been adopted as a result of our efforts and the HGNJ website accounts for 1/3 or every inquiry for foster and adoption in New Jersey.

In 2009 we launched the Do1Thing project, which leveraged social media to raise awareness for the more than 1.3 million homeless teens in America. Through the website, blogs, twitter, facebook, youtube and other social outlets, we raised awareness while making a call to action.

D4SG leverages creative media and Web 2.0 technologies for social GOOD and with every major campaign we produce, we implement a social media campaign.

If you’re still not a believer in the power of social media, take a look at this video and we think you’ll change your mind!

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