Week 15 – The End of the Road

Steve Jobs on Failure (1994)

16 Inspiring Examples of Interactive Maps in Web Design

Interactive maps can be a a great way of displaying useful information in an engaging and attractive way by inviting the user to take action. With huge developments in GEO tagging over the last decade, the advent of Google Maps APIs and the introduction of Fusion tables, more and more websites are taking advantage of these comprehensive tools to showcase their data. We take a look at some interesting uses of these maps in 2013.

The Music Map
16 Inspiring Examples of Interactive Maps in Web Design

Creative Techniques for Single-Page Websites
Parallax Sliding Effects
The concept of parallax scrolling is still fairly new to designers, possibly because of the complexity to get this working. I have seen a dozen great examples but Pixel Stadium really stands out from the crowd. Their website is easy to navigate and the textures are simply mindblowing.

Pixel Stadium website layout design interface

21 Inspiring About Pages

 From pure and simple text, to pictures or illustrations, it’s really important to add your own personality to the about section of your website. It doesn’t matter if you are a designer, writer, a store, a service provider or something else, it’s always interesting to show your audience who you are. It’s nice to get the viewers attention and try to make them connect with you. From storytelling techniques to straight to the point text or a picture and a small bio line, there are several different approaches to this task. This is why today we gathered some inspiring examples of about pages to give you some ideas.

21 Inspiring About Pages

21 Examples of Beautiful Color Use in Web Design

There is no doubt that choosing the right colors for a design is a very important step of the creative process. We need to think about the message and the style we want to communicate, besides also thinking about the best combination to please our viewers eyes and to deliver a nice result. Today we gathered some good examples of color use in web design. From subtle colorful details to colorful background images or bold colorful type, there are different styles here to show you how to add color to your next project.

Creativity Fluid

21 Examples of Beautiful Color Use in Web Design

21 Inspiring Examples of Contact Pages and Forms

A website should have a clear an obvious way for visitors to get in touch with the site’s owner. This is normally done with a contact page. It doesn’t mater if you are a designer, creative studio, shop or anything else, it is important that your audience can easily find how to get in touch with you. And of course it is even nicer if your audience can find a contact page/form that shows your personality – something that shows that you care about your viewers and that you want them to contact you. To show you how to approach the “contact page” we gathered nice examples, showing that from super clean options to colorful ones, from minimal footers to complete drop down forms and maps, there is always a a creative approach you can take when designing a contact page.

20 Great Examples of Big Images in Web Design

In 2012 we could see the growth of the trend of big images in web design. Throughout the year we could see more and more big and beautiful images appearing in nice and clean designs. If you check out our Best of Web Design in 2012 list you will notice that this trend was quiet strong in 2012. Since we believe that the big images trend will stay strong in 2013, and also because we believe that images can give a lot of personality and style to a design, we decided to gather a list of fresh examples of sites taking advantage of beautiful images. From big thumbnails to huge background photography, you will find a lot of great examples here. Enjoy!


21 Great Examples of Big Images in Web Design

CREATE A NEW HTML PAGE CALLED HOMEWORK.HTML – Make a menu (an ordered or unordered list – make sure you add target = blank)that links to all your pages including avatar.html, map.html, webbanner.html, etc.

Inspiring Wireframe Sketches

Inspiring Wireframe Sketches

Sketches are a really important step of the creative process and every designer should take the time to sketch their ideas before taking the first step on a project. The sketch is the best way to see how your idea looks on paper, is a good way for you to try out options, see some proportions and improve your thoughts before getting deep into building something.

A while back we published a list showcasing UI Wireframe Sketches and our readers really liked to see how other designers are putting their ideas to work. Since the post was really popular and we got several requests for a new round of wireframe sketches, here they are, a whole new list of wireframe sketches we found on Dribbble. We will show you sketches of personal sites, landing pages, apps and responsive designs, so check it out. Remember to click at the images to know more about each piece and its designer.

Apple Steve Jobs On Design

Homework | Week 15

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